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Teacher's Comments for Progress Report Card(Sample 2)

-exhibits passion for writing that shows through the resolve she puts into every activity completing her work with quality in mind. She uses vivid language and uses the conventions in writing with consistency and precision.

-finds it difficult to interpret and to synthesize information effectively thus making it difficult for him to integrate theories into application.

-finishes task on hand at the given time. However, he needs to work on the improvement of his writing 

-needs to develop strategies to organize and complete given tasks. Further, he must develop better work habits in writing to improve the quality of his work.

-shows a need to develop strategies to organize and manage class work to be able to cope up with her struggles in articulating her ideas and processing analytical questions.

-a self- motivated learner who shows perseverance on challenging assignments. She can effectively participate in a range of conversations with diverse partners discussing various topics about the subject.

-demonstrates interest and enthusiasm with the subject but he still struggles to analyze and comprehend logical questions and applying them in writing.

-uses appropriate voice in writing that allows her personality to come through in her articles. Her initiative to continuously improve herself has paved way also for her progress with word usage and conventions.

-sets attainable goals to converse for a wide variety of purpose as seen in his writing outputs. He has difficulty though in logically organizing his ideas and following writing conventions.

-writes with depth and insight that contributes significantly to her remarkable articles. She shows self- confidence in doing her work but she sometimes needs reminders to stay on task.

-shows progress in technical and creative aspects of writing. He needs to learn though how to seek clarification to avoid misapprehensions of the given task.

-displays self- confidence in doing his work and seeks assistance when required. He willingly works with others in diverse activities and applies theories without difficulty.

-an inquisitive learner who enjoys analyzing situations during class discussions. He improves also with his word usage and organization of ideas.

-a conscientious, hard- working learner who exhibits interest with the subject. He finishes the tasks at allotted time and asks assistance when needed.

-requires assistance in applying reasoning knowledge and skills. Her difficulty in conveying her thoughts often impedes her in completing given tasks.

-puts forth consistent effort to improve his written activities. However, he needs to continuously work on how to express himself logically without assistance of the teacher.

-shows difficulty in following directions and completing given tasks. He finds expressing his thoughts too strenuous most of the times thus failing him to comply with the required writing outputs.

-works independently and stays on task. She expresses her ideas clearly and persuasively and she can make logical and persuasive statements during class discussions.

-produces quality results and she can express herself effortlessly in class discussions to prove her point.

-uses higher level thinking schemes to apply learned theories in new activities. She expresses herself well both in oral and written activities.

-struggles to comprehend theories presented. He also finds it difficult to express himself especially those logically- laden written activities.

-has difficulty in grasping complex ideas and applying reasoning skills consistently with general understanding in writing because he doesn’t use his time constructively. But, he can communicate in clear, precise and confident manner during class discussions.

-consistently uses personal best effort and initiates cooperation during class discussion. However, he needs to continuously improve his written and oral skills to be able to communicate effectively.

-demonstrates interest and enthusiasm in activities but she sometimes struggles choosing the suitable words to convey her ideas.

-finds it so arduous to work without assistance of the teacher especially those activities that require critical thinking skills.

-seeks new opportunities for learning as shown by his inquisitive questions. Though he still finds it difficult to finish given task, he is an active learner during class discussion.

-stays focused on the task at hand and actively engages in working carefully and conscientiously.

-shows more confidence participating in class discussions. He demonstrates positive attitude toward the subject which helps him in accomplishing the given task.

-exhibits remarkable skills in English language but he needs to work on writing conventions and systematizing his thoughts.

-needs to utilize writing resources to improve his work. He must also develop positive attitude toward learning to improve his outputs in relation with the subject.

-participates actively in all the activities and shows improvement in understanding theories for application. She works conscientiously in any works given to her.

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