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Lesson Plan on Writing Opinion in a MagazineLesson Plan on Writing Narrative ProseLesson Plan on Inferential SkillLesson Plan on Reading ComprehensionLesson Plan on Literary Elements and Descriptive WordsLesson Plan on Imagery Analysis and Application Writing of PoetryLesson Plan on Tone and Atmosphere of Poetry, Lesson Plan on Writer's EffectLesson Plan on Topic Sentence (Speech Writing)Lesson Plan on Writing Speech Using Persuasive TechniqueLesson Plan on Directed Writing (Descriptive Writing)Lesson Plan on Writing OpinionLesson Plan on Writing Dialogue, Lesson Plan on Layers of Meaning- Implicit and Explicit

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The Writing Process, Using PEEL in Paragraph Writing, Key Words in Writing, What is Writing SWAG, Top Ten Grammar Peeves, Top Ten Punctuation Mark Mistakes, Informative Writing, Descriptive Writing Structure, Literary Devices of Fiction Writing, Rhetorical Devices, Sample Cambridge Examination- Letter Writing, Book Review Checklist, The Most Common Verbs Used in Academic Writing, Exit Slip for Imagery, List of Allusions, Rules in Writing Dialogue, Informal/ Formal Language, What is a Book Review, Persuasive Phrases, Sample Application Letter for Promotion, Letter of Recommendation TemplateNarrative Writing PromptsNarrative ScaffoldingElements of Narrative WritingKinds of CliffhangerHow to Create a CliffhangerEverything You Need to Know about CliffhangerSample Cambridge Test (Paper 2, Letter Writing), Sample Movie Review- Crazy Rich Asians, Sample Movie Review- A Wrinkle in Time, Sample Book Review- Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks, Writing to Argue and Writing to Persuade, Sample Essay about  the Power of Prayer, Sample Essay about Faith and Hope, Sample Essay about Failure, Sample Essay about Love, Sample Essay about Suffering, Sample Essay about Suicide, Sample Essay about Teaching, Sample Essay about Healing, Sample Essay about Letting Go, Sample Essay about Death, Sample Essay about Broken Heart, Sample Essay about Kindness, Sample Essay about Life's Journey

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Essay about Prayer- Why We Need to Start the Day with a Prayer, Essay about Faith and Hope, Seize the Day, Essay about Failure- Today I Failed, Essay about Love, Essay about Suffering, Essay about Life's Journey, Essay about Kindness, Essay about Failed Relationship/, Broken Heart, New Hope (When Love Wounds and Love Heals), Essay about Death (Lessons through Deaths), Essay about Letting Go of Negativity (Two Pockets), Essay about Healing (Through the Waves), Essay about Teaching (The Words Made Me), Essay about Suicide (The Truth about Suicide), A Wrinkle in Time Movie Review, Two by Two (Nicholas Sparks) Movie Review, Crazy Rich Asians Movie Review, Will you Cry? (Poem about Sadness)

ABC Christmas Video, Digital Flipbook, Printable Flashcards and Worksheets, Printable School Timetable with Different DesignsPrintable School Timetable with Preposition BackgroundPreschool Classroom Center Hacks (Theme Rainbows)Printable Classroom LabelsInspirational Messages for StudentsSample ScheduleFolder Labels

Top 100 Research Topics, Guidelines in Choosing Research Topics, How to Write a Thesis When You Can't Even Look at it Anymore, Writing an Introduction, Sample Introduction, Sample Theoretical Framework, Sample Conceptual Framework, Sample Statement of the Problem, Sample Hypotheses, Sample Scope and Limitation of the Study, Sample Definition of Terms, Sample Significance of the Study, Sample Foreign Literature, Sample Local Literature, Sample Foreign Studies, Sample Local Studies, Sample Syntheses, Sample Statistical Treatment of Data, Sample Validity and Reliability of Instrument, Sample Groupings and Administering of the Pretest and Posttest, Sample Research Instruments, Sample Respondents of the Study, Sample Locale of the Study, Sample Methods of Research and Procedure, Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Open and Close-Ended Questions, Sample Research Questionnaire, How to Write Chapter 4, How to Write Chapter 5
Teaching Articles/ Strategies
Five Classroom Hacks You Need to Know, Top Educational Resources for Distance Learning/ HomeschoolingSix Creative Ways to Keep Your Child Busy, A-Z of Teaching: How to be a Catalyst of the Child's Future, Test-Taking Strategy, The Importance of Giving Awards, Five Effective Ways to Teach Spelling, Five Benefits of Using Task Cards, Advice for Cambridge Assessment, What is Gallery Walk?, 15 Funny Facts about Real Teachers, 7 Ways to Use the Gallery Walk, Stress- Free, More Savings Back to School Shopping Tips, Examples of Pre- Assessment Strategies (Text and Video)

No Man is an Island by John DonneWilliam Shakespeare Sonnet 1, William Shakespeare Sonnet 2, William Shakespeare Sonnet 3, William Shakespeare Sonnet 4, IDIOMATIC EXPRESSIONS, People Idioms, Ethos, Logos, Pathos, The Art of Persuasion/ Ethos, Logos, Pathos, Worksheet on Analyzing Macbeth Drama, Antigone- An Analysis

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