Teacher's Comments (Sample 1)


-able to work independently in listening activities and asks for assistance only when needed. He shows considerable progress with his reading skill and adaptability with every new concept presented during class discussion. 

-consistently communicates with clarity and precision when describing things and telling stories. She is developing higher level thinking and reading skills. She needs to improve though in spelling.

-very good reading stamina but finds handwriting a bit challenging. He needs considerable practice in spacing and letter formation specifically letters b, p, q, and d.

-demonstrates independent work skills and thorough understanding of activities that require logical thinking skills. His reading and spelling skills continue to progress but he needs to improve his handwriting.

-continuously shows progress in communicating with clarity especially in expressing his thoughts and feelings. However, he easily gets frustrated with tasks where comprehension and critical thinking skills are required.

-shows good fluency and intonation in speaking activities and he shows ability to apply skills, concepts and techniques in diverse classroom activities. He has also put excellent effort into handwriting but needs to be more thorough in accomplishing tasks.

-generates a great deal of interest whenever he speaks. He loves writing stories and poems and shows enthusiasm in all classroom activities. His logical thinking skill also shows advancement.

-responds well when corrected. His difficulty with sentence construction and comprehension did not hinder him to excel in vocabulary skills.

-her love for writing afforded her the ability to organize ideas with considerable effectiveness in writing simple but complete sentences. She remains focused on the activity at hand but she needs to exert more effort to continuously improve her handwriting focusing on spacing and capitalization.

-demonstrates interest in writing and speaking. She shows the ability to read with utmost care to determine what the text says explicitly and makes logical inferences from it. She also responds and participates in a variety of learning activities.

-needs to develop effective study practices to address his difficulty in working independently. He seldom begins work promptly but he shows great interest in writing and listening activities.

-conscientious learner who shows ability to retell events from a story in a sequential manner. He accomplishes tasks independently and demonstrates persistence on bringing tasks to completion though he shows a bit of difficulty with activities requiring critical thinking skills.

-demonstrates self- direction in learning and completes homework and other assignments on time with care. Nonetheless, he needs to improve his speaking skills to be able to communicate effectively to his peers and teachers.

-an inquisitive learner who seeks additional information independently about classroom topics that pique his interest. He also uses strategies such as making connections, asking questions about the text, and inference to help him with comprehension.

-listens to ideas, opinions, and comments of others without interrupting. Further, he sets and example of excellence in behavior and cooperation in most of classroom activities. Though he shows commendable effort to improve his writing skills, he needs to learn when to seek assistance whenever needed especially in constructing sentences.

-enhances class discussion through insightful comments and he begins work promptly. But, his listening and writing skills need further improvement so he can tackle different learning activities without much difficulty.

-demonstrates flair in critical thinking ability to organize and manage information. However, he is easily distracted when accomplishing tasks.

-effectively interprets and synthesizes information but she must maintain consistent work habits. She needs to complete assignments and worksheets diligently and she must learn how to follow instructions more carefully.

-he must be persistent in completing tasks. He has difficulty organizing multiple tasks and easily distracted. His absence during class discussions also resulted with his difficulty to accomplish different learning tasks that necessitate listening and critical thinking skills.

-asks questions to clarify meaning and ensure understanding. He shows progress with comprehension and critical thinking skills but needs more improvement in sentence construction and writing paragraphs.

-shows progress in assessing information and ideas to draw relevant conclusions. She puts good effort into handwriting and is, with great assistance, able to work on writing cursive letters. Though she is more careful now in answering activities which require logical thinking skills, she still needs to improve in this aspect.

-able to show much progress in writing cursive letters. Further, he continuously shows brilliant performance in logical thinking skills and comprehension but he needs to put more effort in writing paragraphs.

-listens well and shares his ideas but he usually misinterprets context clues. He also needs assistance making connections between idea and details to be able to respond correctly in various critical thinking activities.

-shows fortitude in most of the activities in the classroom. Her penmanship shows big improvement and she actively participates in small group discussion. However, she continuously needs to work hard with activities, which require logical/ critical thinking skill. She also needs to improve her comprehension and pronunciation as shown in her timed- reading activities.

-shows brilliant performance with word analogy and critical thinking activities. However, he needs to be more patient in working and avoid complaining with small tasks given to him. He also uses higher level thinking strategies to apply learned skills to new situations.

-expresses himself well during class discussion but he has difficulty answering independently questions that require critical thinking skill. He sometimes struggles constructing sentences and finding the appropriate words to use.


-shows remarkable knowledge and application of writing conventions. She writes opinion pieces with well thought- out, supportive reasoning. She also shows strong grasp of organization and stays on topic using relevant details.

-shows improvement in spelling and word usage. He uses strong descriptive language allowing the audience to clearly visualize what is being described. However, he needs to exert more effort to improve his penmanship.

-has a vibrant imagination and he excels in word usage and organization. He can convey his thoughts with flair and creativity.

-demonstrates essential skills to produce clear and effective writing. He has range of ideas in various topics which enhances greatly his way or writing. He needs to improve though in technical conventions and correct strokes of cursive letters.

-conveys his thoughts and ideas clearly but is easily distracted while completing task. He shows creativity in word usage but needs more improvement in writing conventions.

-expresses her ideas clearly with intent, emotion and point of view. She effectively uses writing techniques incorporating new vocabulary into various topics.

-needs to improve skills in writing to be able to demonstrate logical progression of ideas with a clear focus. He must work on writing conventions and work usage so he can accomplish tasks at a given time.

-has difficulty organizing his thoughts and following writing conventions. He also needs to show more willingness to improve his spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, grammar, and word usage.

-demonstrates essential skills to produce clear and effective writing. Her interest in writing also paves way for her progress in writing conventions and word usage.

-shows difficulty in following writing structure and appropriate word usage. He is easily distracted also in class which results with his struggle to produce writing pieces in accordance with the given instructions.

-shows limited vocabulary and his writing pieces lack focus and organization. This could be attributed to his lack of concentration during class discussion.

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