Sample Statement of the Problem for Chapter 1-Thesis Writing

(From my thesis, “Enhancing Proficiency in Communication through Campus Journalism”)

Statement of the Problem
This study deals on enhancing the proficiency in communication through campus journalism of the freshmen students.

More specifically, this study pursues to find answers to the following questions:
1. What is the profile of the first year high school students composing the experimental and control groups with regard to: 

1.1 Grade in Communication Arts Subjects (English and Filipino)
1.2 General Point Average (GPA) in the previous academic year 2009-2010
1.3 Result of pre-test in communication arts (English and Filipino)

2. What campus journalism program of activities can be employed with experimental group of the students? 

3. What is the proficiency level in communication demonstrated by both groups in English and Filipino in terms of
3. 1 grammar mastery 3.4 paragraph development
3.2 sentence structure 3.5 writing mechanics
3.3 vocabulary adeptness

4. Is there a significant difference in the performance in communication of the students in the control and experimental group?

5. What program of activities in campus journalism can be developed to enhance students’ proficiency in communication?

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