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High School Poem with Poetic Devices- The Life of an Addict- Sample 2

The Life of an Addict
Brianna Gautama and Andrea Patricia

At first I thought it was the light in the darkness
To save me from stress and feeling helpless
They told me to try it, just this time
But I didn’t know that I would be caught in a crime.

The first time, I told myself I wouldn’t do it again
But the second time, I was caught in a bargain
They told me, “We’ll give this to you for free.”
And I sadly accepted temptation brought to me.

Little by little I wanted more every day
Although I knew it was the wrong way
Soon enough, the authorities found out
My life is ruined, it was all for naught.

Now, I am stuck in a convoy of police cars,
That would take me to a life behind bars
Oh, I wish I hadn’t done it at all
That didn’t take those pills that had taken their toll.

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