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High School Poem with Poetic Devices- Heartbreaking- Sample 1

Justinn and Jerry

Pick up the last leaf, put in a pile
Take a break, this may take a while
See the others, already falling in line
Prepared itself for the queen to dine.

“The ant who will be promoted is…”,
It waited there, already feeling the bliss
Then the queen’s voice box boomed ‘Harbin’
It could feel the sheer envy rushed in.

It thought to itself, “What did I do wrong?”
Sang to itself Michael Jackant’s depressing song
Rushed to the kitchen, took its knife
Went to Harbin to end his life.

The patrols caught it red- handed, threw it to the brig
Didn’t have enough energy to do a jig
Discovering envy is more powerful than love
It decided to meet Harbin above.

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