Top 100 Research Topics


1. Challenges on Math Instruction
2. Excessive Punishment for Student’s Behaviour: An Analysis
3. Extra-curricular Activities and its Impact to the Academic Performance of the Students
4. Physical Activities and its Effect on Learning of Elementary Students
5. Cultural Awareness and its Importance to the Middle School Students
6. Effects of the Internet on the Perception of Truth
7.  Superstitions and Family Traditions: An Assessment
8. Prevalence of School Bullying: Its Impact to the Academic Performance
9. Effects of Violent Movies on the Behaviour of Students
10. Correlative Assessment of Procrastination and Technology on High School Students
11. Correlation of Teaching Strategies and Student’s Behaviour toward Learning
12. How Pop Culture Trends Influence Youth
13. Impact of Advertisements on Student’s Perception about Learning
14. An Analysis of Alternative Learning
15. Nature or Nurture: An In-Depth Analysis toward Learning
16. Impact of Social Media on the Interpersonal Communication between People
17. An Analysis of Teacher’s Cultural Awareness and its Relevance to Education
18. An Analysis of Standardized Tests and its Effect to Learning
19. Effects of Stress on the Student’s Behaviour toward Learning
20. Child Violence and Effective Interventions
21. Early Intervention on Particular Behavioural Pattern
22. Impact of Free Health Assessments in Public Schools
23. Professional Development and its Implications to Teachers
24. How Social Media Impose Fake Perceptions
25. Should Drug Test be Mandatory to all High School Students?
26. Prevalence of Bullying and the Role of School to Lessen the Cases
27. Effects of Violent Video Games
28. Role of Technology in Planning Instruction
29. Correlation of Obesity and Availability of sodas in School Cafeteria
30. Effects of Contemporary Teaching Methods
31. Effects of Individualized Instruction to the Effectivity of Learning
32. An Analysis of the Effectivity of Punishment to Student’s Offenses
33. Effects of Modern Education to Teaching
34. Advantages of Using Different Forms of Assessments
35. Utilization of Standardized Tests to Improve Quality of Teaching
36. Should Schools Enforce Restrictions in what should be Served at the Cafeterias?
37. Lead Content of Manipulative in Classrooms
38. Should Free Meals be made Available to Public School Students?
39. The Role of Media in the Altered Behaviour toward Beauty
40. Correlative Analysis of Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication
41. The Role of Family’s Values to the Behaviour of Students in School
42. Class Attendance and its Relevance to Learning
43. Impact of Substance Abuse to the Performance of Students
44. Vaccine Controversy and its Effect on the Government Programs to Public Schools
45. Relationship of Procrastination and Technology
46. Campus Sexual Assault: An Analysis
47. Should Vaccines be Mandatory to all Public and Private Schools?
48. Technology and its Relevance to Learning
49. Information Age and its Impact to Historical Information
50. Social Anxiety among High School Students and its Effect on Learning

51. Use of Plastic and its Impact to the Environment
52. Causes of Depression to High-Risk Students
53. Athletic Activities and its Implications to Learning of High School Students
54. Correlation of Emotional Stability and Physical Well-Being
55. Role of Environment in Learning
56. Trends and Challenges of the Modern Classroom
57. Should Parents Censor/ Limit the Use of Technology of Teenagers?
58. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: An Analysis
59. Advantages and Disadvantages of Using School Uniform
60. An Analysis of Bilingualism in Relation to Student’s Learning
61. Correlation of Heterogeneous/ Homogenous Type of Class Grouping
62. The Role of Wikipedia in Learning
62. Analysis of Fundamental Theories and Strategies in Relation to Learning
63. Advertisements and its Implications to the Choices of Consumers
64. Factors that Affect Suicide Thoughts of High-Risk Students
65. An Analysis of the Alternatives to Traditional Assessments
66. The Correlation between Economic Status and Academic Standing
67. Facebook Branding and its Effects on Marketing Strategy
68. Should Smoking be Banned from School Premises?
69. Correlation of Self-Esteem and Success to High School Students
70. Social Standpoint and its Relation to the Students’ Academic Performance
71. Academic Intervention and its Implication to the Academic Progress of Middle School Students
72. Gender Issues and its Impact to High School Students  
73. Excessive Use of Social Media and its Effect on Student’s Learning
74. Challenges of Public School Teachers
75. Social Economic Status and its Relevance to the Academic Performance
76. Implications of Global Learning to High School Students
77. Importance of Parental and School Filters on the Internet
78. E-learning and Traditional Learning: Correlative Analysis
79. Facebook and Family Communication: An Analysis
80. School Beauty Contests: An Analysis
81. Effects of Social Media to the Behaviour of High School Students
82. School Leadership Activities and its Impact the High School Students
83. The Role of Religion on Learning
84. The Roots of Apple Products Fanaticism
85. Role of Cyberspace in the Increase of Bullying Cases
86. Political Views and its Effect to the High Schools
87. How Global Standardization Effects Students Learning
88. The Internet and its Effect on the Perception of Truth of the Middle School Students
89. Conflict Resolutions in Classroom Situations and its Effects on Learning
90. Social Discrimination and its Effects to the High School Students
91. Cultural Awareness of the Middle School Students
92. Effective Parent Communications and its Role to the Behaviour of High School Students
93. Effects of Internet on the Social and Intellectual Aspects
94. Challenges of Teaching Social Studies in Middle School
95. Social Biases and its Impact to the Behaviour of  Teenagers
96. School’s Responsibility to the Social Media Behaviour of their Students
97. Correlation of Sports and Academic
98. An Analysis of the Attitude of Students Towards the Study of Social Studies
99. Using Confidential Information to Deal with High-Risk Students
100. Manipulative and its Impact to the Development of Elementary Students

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