Guidelines in Choosing Research Topics

The ability to choose a research topic is an essential skill since you are going to deal with this topic for weeks while you work on its completion. It is crucial to find something that interests you and makes you feel excited since the writing process alone is already stressful.

Here are effective ways to choose your research topic:

1. Brainstorm for ideas. If research would be done by a group, share ideas and weigh its pros and cons. If it is an individual work, spend a lot of time writing key words and researching before making any final decision.

2. Research the availability of related literature and studies. This part is in chapter 2 but surprisingly, one of the considerations of choosing your topic is actually the availability of related literature and studies. It is imperative therefore that you check this before deciding on your topic. Make online research or use periodical indexes. Ask librarians if you need to.

3. Choose a topic within your scope. Do not choose something that is hard to understand because proceeding would be a difficult process. Likewise, do not choose a topic that would be so expensive to complete.

4. Be flexible. Believe it or not, even the multi-awarded research topic went through difficult process. There is no easy way out. Make modifications if you need to.

5. Keep it manageable. Think about your time frame. Do you think the deadline would be sufficient to work on it? Think about all the things that you need to do such as the complexity of coverage and the materials needed.

6. Write your topic as a thesis statement. You can refine and improve it as you go along. It will help you steer a straight path and prevent deviation.

Your topic will be the soul of your thesis. The road may be long and arduous but with hard work and perseverance it would not be impossible to complete. Others did it so of course, you can do it, too!

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