Lesson Plan on Reading Comprehension

SUBJECT:            English Language
LEVEL:                 Sec. 2
DURATION:       8 periods (280 minutes)
TIME FRAME:    Week 8, Term 1
Text:      English an International Approach
Skill:       Comprehension
Topic:    Reading Comprehension
Comprehension Worksheets
Online Resources

Pre- requisite:
Lesson Objectives:
        By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
         1. analyze vocabulary based question (Meaning).
         2. answer explanatory question (context).
         3. apply wide range of vocabulary in understanding passages.




Vocabulary Game
-Students have a game about different words and their meaning.

-make instructional decisions about student’s strengths and needs.
-activate schema and determine flexible grouping patterns.
-determine which students are ready for advance instruction.


Period 1-2

Period 3-4

Period 5-6

Period 7-8

Reading Comprehension
-vocabulary based question (meaning)
-explanatory question (context)

Vocabulary in Context Practice 1

Vocabulary in Context Practice 2

Vocabulary in Context Practice 3

Reading Comprehension Practice 4

Students are to answer reading comprehension passages.

As it is used in the paragraph, the word nearly means…

Analyse how the words are used in the paragraph.

Comprehend and explore the appropriateness of the words as used in the paragraphs.

Thinking Skills
Analyse different passages for comprehension.
Ascertain basic skill in comprehension.

Individual Task
Thinking Question: What are the different aides in reading comprehension?
Make association of vocabulary and comprehension.

Individual Task and Homework
Recap of Lesson:
Reinforce lesson on the importance of wide range of vocabulary in reading comprehension.
Students answer comprehension test.
Students apply and recall what they have learned.

Students can look at other samples of speech and make an analysis in relation with its content and structure.

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