Lesson Plan on Inferential Skill (Comprehension)

NAME:                NIŇA BUENA- NICHOLS
SUBJECT:            EL
LEVEL:                 Sec. 2
DURATION:       8 periods
TIME FRAME:   Week 5, Term 2
Text:      Get It Right! Comprehension
Skill:       Inferential Skill
Topic:    Comprehension (Inferential Skill)

PowerPoint Presentation

Lesson Objectives:
        By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
1.     differentiate literal and inferential meaning.
2.     analyse meaning of passages using inferential skills.
3.     use the different techniques in inferring meaning of passages.





Students write the difference of inferential and literal meaning after watching the video.
-make instructional decisions about student’s strengths and needs.
-activate schema and determine flexible grouping patterns.
-determine which students are ready for advance instruction.


(Period 1-2)

(Inferential Skill)

1. Teacher explains again the meaning of inference as explicated in the PowerPoint presentation.  

-       Brief passages are presented for practice (PowerPoint)
-       Explain more about the answers
-       Students to answer Exercise 1 (Photocopy Pages 12-14)
-       Discuss the answers after the given time

2. Refer to the PowerPoint and explain that the meaning of texts can also be inferred from knowing something about the author’s purpose and the author’s readership.
- Students to answer Exercise 2
(Photocopy Pages 14-15)

Identify meaning of the passages using inferential skill.

Period 3-4
Practice Exercise (Inferential Questions)
Teacher gives a review about inferential and literal meaning.

-Students to answer Exercises 3 and 4 (Photocopy Pages 16-20)
-Ask students to share their answers orally.

Ascertain the importance of learning how to distinguish meaning using inferential skill.

Periods 5-6

Periods 7-8
Figurative Language as a Tool in Inferential Skill

Applying Inferential Questions as Well as Vocabulary Words
Teacher starts the lesson emphasizing the importance of identifying figurative language in passages in order to infer the meaning being conveyed.

-Review figurative language (Refer to the PowerPoint presentation)
- Students to answer Exercises 5 and 6
(Photocopy Pages 20-22)

Recap the lessons by giving emphasis on the the ways to understand inferential questions in reading passages.
-Students to answer Practice Exercise 2 (Pages 23-27)

Students apply and recall what they have learned.

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