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Noun Poem

Noun Poem

by: N. Nichols


A noun is

a person,

a place,

or a thing,

Don’t forget the animal names!


Look around you; the list is endless

you will be lost

once you think about it,

it’s hard to find words that are not included!


Think person:

Mother, father, brother, sister,

teacher, sailor, doctor, singer,

policeman, fireman, businessman, mailman,

And more than one person?

Think class, swarm, pack

Fleet, collection and a bunch!


Think place:

church, school, home, hospital,

station, airport, Lake Huron!

Park, theatre, playground, forest, bedroom,

library, kitchen, U.S.A.!


Think of things:

Table, chairs,

scissors, papers, crayon, socks, shoes and cars!

Animals all around,

Cats, dogs, chicken, deer and hounds!

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