Worksheet on Analyzing MACBETH Drama

Worksheet on Analyzing Macbeth Drama


Name :                                                         Date:

Play Title - MACBETH                              Playwright:

 Elements of the Play

1. Who is the protagonist—the main character—in the play?-

 2. What kind of person is the protagonist?

3. What evidence in the play leads me to this opinion of the protagonist?

 4. What challenge or conflict does the protagonist encounter?

 5. How is the conflict resolved?

6. What other important characters are involved in the conflict?

7. Where and when does this play take place? How does the playwright reveal this information?

8. How would I describe the mood? How does the playwright establish this mood?

 9. Summarize the theme or central idea of this play. What other books or plays with this theme have I read? 10. Is there a short passage or a dialogue that states or strongly implies the theme? If so, what is it?

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