Sample Student's Poem- An Outstretched Hand

An Outstretched Hand

By Rafael- S2 Zeal
BBS, Jakarta
sample high school poem

Love never ran deeper or stronger than when
It gushed not from the fountain of brother nor friend
Love is best when it falls from the sky, or is found in the sand
Love is best when it’s mercy from a stranger’s outstretched hand.

Once was a day when I found myself wanted
Memories good of my past are now haunted
The hands of a friend, are twice evil when used
Betraying, to point and to taunt you, ashamed and abused.

Sadness is nothing, yet nothing is sadder
Than a person cast to the wind, as they didn’t really matter
The insufferable pressure certainly tore me apart
A bitter rotten apple core, I call it my heart.

Imagine my surprise, when my “friends” came one day,
About to treat me like rubbish meant to be thrown away
When you swooped in and stopped them, after a while
Pulled me back up to my feet, and then gave me a smile.

It really wouldn’t have troubled you, only me
To turn around, to look away, pretending not to see
Lo and behold, you didn’t, but instead, like a gleaming treasure out of sand
Came to my aid, called me by my name, and took me by my hand.

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