Sample Research Questionnaire (1)

Sample Questionnaire Prepared by a College Student
Strategies and problems in the promotion of taal as a culture and religious destination
I. Profiles of the Respondents
Directions: Please complete the data or put a check mark on the space provided for your answers.
Name:    ________________________________            (optional)
Degree: ________________________                
1. Age
____15 below                                     ____26-30 Years Old
____20-25 Years Old                         ____31 and above
2. Gender
____Female                                         ____Male
3. Nationality
____ Filipino                           ____________________Others, please specify
____ American                                   
4. Religion
____ Roman Catholic                          ____ Protestant
____ Iglesia ni Cristo                          ____ Muslim
____ Born Again Christian
Others, please specify; ____________________
5. Type of Locality
____Urban                                          ____Rural
      If you choose rural;
____Far-flung Barangays                   ____Farm
____Remote Areas                              ____In the vicinity of town

II.   Promotional Strategies in promoting Taal
Directions: Please mark a check for the chosen answer.
3 – Always
2- Sometimes
1 – Never

1.   How often do you check social networking sites for reviews of good places to visit?

2. How often do you get lured by picturesque sceneries shown in TV advertisement?

3. How often do you visit Taal for recreation?

4. Do you give uppermost importance to the price or value of places to visit in Taal as shown in print and radio advertisement?

5. Do you get influenced by positive or negative reviews in social networking sites?

6. Do you prefer TV ad as source of your information about one place over personal information from friends?

7. Do you base your choice of tourist attraction with the TV news over social media?

8. Do do you often check updates for recently developed tourist attractions using social media?

9. Do you allow advrtisements to influence your choice of places to visit?

10. How often do you allow negative reviews to affect your choice of place for tour?

III.          Common problems encountered in the development of taal as tourist destination
Tick the line of the statement which you think is a prevalent problem in Taal as a tourist destination.
_______Geographical location
_______High prices of places to stay
_______Problems with politics
_______Lack of picturesque sceneries
      _______Inability of the LGU to address basic needs such as better roads.
_______Poor security in public places.
____Easy access to public vehicles
____More picturesque sceneries  
____Travel guiDe
____Hospitality of locals 
_ Lack of information to tourist destinations
others, please specify________________________________________________

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