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Quality Comments for High Achieving Student’s Progress Report Card

A steadfast, conscientious student who works well without supervision. She puts evident effort into her work as she completes assignments with quality in mind. However, she needs to be an active learner during class discussions.

An assiduous learner who expresses himself with depth and insight. He consistently progresses and exemplifies responsibility in attendance, punctuality, and task completion.  However, he needs to take difficulties as challenges and not as hurdles to excellence.   

Communicates fluently and expresses himself well. He shows leadership skill and offers constructive suggestions to his classmates to enhance their work. However, he needs to be able to sustain his interest and responsibility toward the completion of his task.

Consistently exhibits zeal and enthusiasm in doing his responsibilities in class and school. He works and follows instructions independently and comes to class punctually. Further, he demonstrates leadership and willingness to serve.

An enthusiastic learner who responds and participates in a variety of learning activities. She shows punctuality and eagerness to complete her work. However, she needs to discern the value of listening.

Puts forth his best effort in completing his tasks. He has self- motivation and self- direction and seeks assistance when needed to clarify meaning and ensure understanding. This helps him with his struggle to cope with some subjects where he experiences difficulties.

Demonstrates keen interest and enthusiasm in completing the different tasks given. He is an effective critical thinker and sets an example of excellence in behavior and cooperation. However, he needs to be willing to follow standards set.

Shows responsibility and follows school rules dutifully. She exhibits punctuality and accepts responsibility keenly. However, she needs to exert more effort to take an active role in different class activities.

Takes on various roles as seen with his active participation as a member of the Prefectorial Board. He also exhibits notable improvement with his focus and is more eager to finish his work. However, he needs to uphold the importance of self- control and obedience.

Has considerably improved his overall academic performance. He continuously needs to be encouraged to accept responsibility in his endeavours.

Dependably accepts responsibility for completing tasks on time and with care. Her positive attitude in dealing with multiple tasks would be reinforced if she improved her social interaction skill.

Shows diligence and fortitude in class. She stays on task with little supervision. However, she needs to be an active learner and avoid being passive in different activities.

Does her work with care but she must sustain consistent work habits. She needs to have an active role in discussions and she must also complete her assignments at home on a regular basis.

Shows interest to learn and continuously works hard to complete different assigned tasks. However, she needs to be more active in class and learns to take initiative and be engaged in various activities.
A conscientious worker who completes his tasks with exemplary outputs. He puts forth effort not just to comply with the requirements but to achieve the optimum standard that it necessitates. However, he needs to show a positive attitude in every adversity or challenge he encounters.

A self-sufficient student who requires minimum assistance in doing her activities. She is quiet most of the time but she expresses herself well when needed. She needs to strengthen her active role in any class activity.

Shows remarkable improvement in the way he manages and deals with the different tasks given. He shows less frustration in dealing with challenging activities.

Exhibits a pleasant disposition in handling various tasks at hand. She welcomes leadership roles and takes it as new opportunities for learning. She has great potential if she sustains her zeal in various classroom activities.

Sets an example of excellence in behaviour and cooperation in school. Every single day, he follows dutifully and observes his duties as an obedient student. He also generates a great deal of interest whenever he expresses himself and he manages his feelings and emotions well in the classroom.

Displays self- confidence and great zeal and enthusiasm. However, she needs to use class time constructively and work at a pace needed to complete the different tasks given.

A silent learner who demonstrates independent work skills. Though he needs to take a more active role in class, he does seek additional information independently about topics that interest him.

A self- motivated worker who has a keen interest in engineering matters. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and he shows commendable knowledge in this area. This interest may be useful as an inspiration to improve the fundamentals needed for higher marks.

Shows notable and commendable effort in completing his tasks this term. He is courteous and shows considerable determination to improve his performance. He also shows leadership and willingness to serve the school.

An enthusiastic learner who responds appropriately when corrected. He volunteers in school community projects and takes an active role in learning. However, he needs to develop more effective study practices and develop a better sense of responsibility.

An enthusiastic learner who loves participating in class discussion. Though he needs to be encouraged to work more slowly and accurately, he shows improvement with the way he faces challenges in class. Further, he needs to show considerable effort in observing self- control to observe silence when needed.

Consistently shows remarkable effort in meeting the standards. She also exhibits a positive outlook and attitude in the classroom. Though she faces challenges with frustrations at times, she remains steadfast in her resolve to finish any given task.

Demonstrates self- direction in learning and rarely asks for help. She opts to work independently and she shows notable focus during class discussions. However, she needs to observe school rules such as punctuality. She may also take a more active role in class activities.

An inquisitive student who enjoys analysing situations. She continuously makes notable progress with some of the aspects of her academic performance and character. Though she needs to continue developing her self- control, she shows improvement with the way she faces different challenging situations.

Her interest to read extensively for enjoyment has greatly helped her to demonstrate a more thorough understanding of different concepts. She completes homework and other assignments on time with care. However, she needs to take a more active role in class activities.

Shows a flair for computer animation and editing. Though he seeks new challenges positively, he needs to begin work promptly and to use time effectively. He also needs to be encouraged to comply with school rules, such as being punctual and returning yellow forms on time. Further, he needs to reinforce his sense of responsibility.

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