Important Realizations that My Quest for Love Has Taught Me (Sample English Essay)

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We often launch ourselves into the world of meaningless search of love seemingly unaware of the tremendous weight of pain we are opening ourselves into.

The quest for the deeper meaning of love has been the focal point of what we do. We create standards of how a love should be and gets hurt when it does not work the way we want it to be.

We look for the best man or woman with the decisive factors we thought are best for us and would give us that sense of pride we finally found THE ONE.

We define a dream love with our perception that it is like a fairy tale we thought it to be and of course with our knight in shining armour coming to the rescue and freeing us from our malady.

Conversely, I never had any inclination of what was love before. Then love whispered and I have realized…

Love is strange. It caresses your heart with that inexplicable feeling of bliss but also causes pain beyond words could express.

Love is a sweet blend of waving dreams, calming fears, and sharing secrets.

Love is not about having the best man or woman but of acceptance for who they are.

Love is the best lesson in life because it teaches your heart.

Love is boundless. It does not know the beginning nor the ending.

Love is enduring.

Love is an invisible connection of hearts and meeting of minds.

LOVE is indefinable. It is a touch of magic into the world of realities.

LOVE is a dance with silent music and invisible steps.

LOVE is a bond only the two of you understand.

LOVE is a sweet entrapment.

Most of all, I have realized that a dream relationship is a selfless act of love between two people. It does not matter whether you are together or not but what’s important is the realization that love is powerful enough to cross bridges of distance and to fade away the pain of longing.

The paradox of love; only the hearts could feel and only the hearts could hear when it whispers.

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