Five Benefits of Using Writing Task Cards

WRITING TASK CARD is a writing instructional tool which is usually in the form of a small card (the size of an index card) with an activity or question combined with a clip art. It gained popularity because it is simple and easy to use. Here are some of the advantages of using writing task cards:


1. Writing skill may be reinforced independently. Since the task cards contain fairly simple question/ activity, students can do the work without help from the teacher. It is also less daunting since there are not that many rules to follow and the clip arts give hint and motivation to the topic. This would also help the students to feel more fulfilled when they finish the task with less expectation. It is beneficial for the students in terms of reinforcing and enriching writing skill.

2. Writing task cards are easy to create and readily available everywhere. TeachersPay Teachers website offers a variety of task cards on different topics and activities. You may also prepare them by simply using colour coordinated cards and simply write activities/ tasks on them. The colours would help you to be more organized and implement it smoothly.  

3. Writing task cards may be used time and time again. Unlike worksheets, task cards may be used endlessly as long as you keep it properly organized. You may laminate the cards, punched holes, and keep them in Tupperware or any container that would preserve it for years. Using clear folder to keep them may also work.

4. Writing task cards may be used in different ways. It might come in handy when other learners finish the given activities faster than others. This would avoid misbehaviour since you can still keep them busy while others are completing the activity. This may also be used individually or in a group depending on the situation. When used in group, students may share ideas and collate everything to be presented in class. There goes more skills development; speaking and socialization. Writing task cards also offer different skills in writing such as comparison and contrast.

5. Writing task card can be easily differentiated. Unlike other traditional writing worksheets, writing task card is designed to offer more versatility in terms of learning abilities of the students. Simpler cards may be given to students who struggle and a more challenging ones for others. Instead of giving the same topic for everyone, the task would be less daunting for others who struggle.

Utilizing task cards in writing can be hugely successful if used in the right way. The key is in organization and implementation. A student who can accomplish something (no matter how small), would end up a highly-motivated student.


  1. This is a resource I will save for my son when he is ready. We are homeschooling and this looks like something he would benefit from once the time is right.

  2. This is fantastic activity for the kids/students. I am sharing with my parents friends. It is such a unique and fun learning activity.

  3. We used to do something like this with my two when they were a bit younger. I used to give them story prompts that I know would capture their imagination x x

  4. Writing task cards perfect for capitalization and spelling errors. Each task card contains a number of errors. Students select a task card, correct mistakes, and record their new sentences.

  5. I like the sound of a writing task card. I have never used that before. Will look out for them for the kids.

  6. Kristine Nicole AlessandraFebruary 24, 2019 at 2:01 PM

    This is so awesome! I will share this idea with my friend who is a early-education teacher. She can add this to her lesson plan. I am sure her students will have lot of fun with writing task cards!

  7. These writing task card is a big help for learners. It would work great for encouraging children to join in discussions and creative writing. I will recommend this to friends and family who have young children. What an awesome way to nurture the love for reading and writing.