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A Happy Heart (Sample Poem about Happiness)

A Happy Heart

A happy heart is a grateful heart
            It appreciates trivial and vast things
            It is beholden to every minuscule blessing
            It is pleased to every person given along the way
            It is satisfied to the very life bestowed each day.    

A happy heart is a forgiving heart
            It does not keep ill feelings
            It does not harbor negativities toward others
            It vindicates the most painful wound inflicted.

A happy heart is a contented heart
            It is not jealous of other's feats
            It is not envious of what others have
            It is not resentful when others are praised.

A happy heart is an open heart
            It accepts life as it is
            It creates room for improvement
            It acquiesces to life’s everyday surprises.

A happy heart is a prayerful heart
            It puts God as the center of everything
            It trusts God that there are reasons for every situation
            It has a strong conviction that God’s words are the ultimate truth.

A happy heart is a pure heart
            It wakes up with a purpose
            It sleeps with faith
            It lives in bliss contented with the knowledge that God knows best.

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