Elements that Make News

1. Immediacy
Has it just happened?  Notice how prominently Twitter feeds are displayed during live TV and radio coverage of events.  Whether it's the Super Bowl or a humanitarian crisis, information provided via the Social Media feeds of individuals is seen as valuable and relevant.

2. Proximity
Is the news geographically local to the readership or close to their hearts?

3. Prominence
Is your information or news about something that is highly topical today?  Is it about something / someone that people believe to be of great significance or importance?

4. Oddity
There is a reason why videos of animals doing crazy things are so popular on YouTube.  We are attracted to things that are a little strange, out of the ordinary and unusual.  

5. Conflict
Is there an element of struggle in your story?  Is what you're describing helping a customer to address a real challenge that significantly impacts their lives or businesses?

6. Suspense
People need a reason to keep reading.  Can you create a 'cliff-hanger' or leave your readers wanting more?

7. Emotion
Anything that speaks to people's experiences and conveys real emotion will help them to connect with your message.  The trick is to do this appropriately and with authenticity.  It doesn't have to be a tear-jerker of a story, nor does it need to be designed to keep your audience in stitches - sometimes it helps to just be a little bit more human in your communications.

8. Consequence
Does the subject of the story you are telling have an impact on people's lives? 

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