10 Commonly Used Phrasal Verbs with Multiple Meanings

Phrasal Verb is an idiomatic phrase consisting of a verb and another element, either an adverb, as in break down, or a preposition, for example see to, or a combination of both, such as look down on. Typically, their meaning is not obvious from the meanings of the individual words themselves.

Here's the list of commonly used phrasal verbs with multiple meanings.

1. Bring up
-to raise and nurture children to become adults.
-to introduce a topic of discussion

2. Make up
-to invent a story or a situation
-to reconcile or become friends again after fighting are arguing

3. Get over
-to literally climb over something
-to overcome a situation or sickness

4. Break off
- stop doing something
- end a relationship, association, etc.

5. Hang up
-to put down the telephone after speaking
-to suspend clothes on a hook, coat hanger etc..

6. Tear off -remove with force, separate by tearing
-remove clothes quickly

7. Pass out
-to faint
-to hand out/distribute something
8. Work out
-To do exercise
-To solve a problem

9. Take back -retract something that you said
-return something (e.g. to a shop)

10. Turn in -go to bed, go to sleep
-tell the police about someone

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