Lesson Plan on Writing Speech Using Persuasive Techniques

Grade 9
Duration: 70 minutes
Skill:      Writing Speech
Topic:    Persuasive Techniques
Video of Top 5 Greatest Speeches
Online Resources

Pre- requisite:
   Structure of Speech
Lesson Objectives:
        By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
         1. analyze how great speakers use persuasive techniques to convey their message.
         2. explain the different persuasive techniques to convince the listeners about the different points.
         3. apply the use of persuasive techniques in writing speech.




-students watch the video of the greatest speeches.
-students write all their ideas how the great speakers used persuasive techniques to convey their message.
-students analyze the different ways to persuade listeners.
-give samples of how great speakers used persuasive techniques.
-activate schema and determine strengths and weaknesses of the students..

Before Agincourt
(St. Crispin’s Day Speech)

Persuasive Techniques
(Online Reference)
Students are to discuss the following questions using Numbered Heads Cooperative Learning based from the extract.

“What are different persuasive devices used in the speech?”

“What constitute an effective persuasive technique in speech writing?”

“What are the features of a good persuasive speech? ”

Analyze the different persuasive devices in the given sample speech.

Explain how using of certain words or devices could affect the main emphasis of the message of speech.

Analyze the different features of a good persuasive speech.

Thinking Skills
Analyze the different devices that might be used as effective persuasive technique in speech.
Ascertain devices used as persuasive techniques.

Individual Task
Thinking Question: What   are the different persuasive techniques?
Explain the different ways that might be used in persuasive speech.

Individual Task and Homework
Recap of Lesson:
Reinforce lesson on the different devices that must be used as persuasive techniques.

Research a sample speech that uses effective persuasive technique to convey his message. Write the different devices used.
Students apply and recall what they have learned.

Students can look at other samples of speech and make an analysis in relation with persuasive techniques.

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