Lesson Plan on Writing Opinion (Directed Writing/ Cambridge)

Grade 9
Duration: 8 Periods

Skill:       Writing Opinion

PowerPoint Presentation

Lesson Objectives:
        By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
1.     differentiate fact and opinion.
2.     identify clue words that signal opinion.
3.     use the different techniques in writing opinion article.




Students answer the ‘Quiz on Fact and Opinion’ in PowerPoint presentation.
-make instructional decisions about student’s strengths and needs.
-activate schema and determine flexible grouping patterns.
-determine which students are ready for advance instruction.

Writing magazine article using opinion

-Teacher asked the students the difference of fact and opinion. Build on their current knowledge, and correct any misconceptions as the teacher gives students information on how to differentiate an opinion from a fact.

-Direct students’ attention on another PowerPoint presentation. Let the students review the structure of a magazine article and discuss words to signal opinion.

-Let the students answer a practice exercise on identifying fact and opinion.
-Present some pictures on a PowerPoint. Let the students work by group by following the instructions given.
-Call each number to read and explain why they consider what they have written as opinion or fact.
-Give another activity to the students using cooperative learning. Let them write a paragraph using opinion to persuade their classmates to read the books they are currently reading.
-Call on students who would be presenting the group work in front of the class.
-Wrap up by allowing students to share any insights, concerns, or questions while they were writing and sharing their works.
-Give a short post-assessment to the students of simple analysis whether the statement is a fact or opinion.

Identify meaning of the passages using inferential skill.

Period 3-4
Writing a Clear and Convincing Opinion

Supporting an opinion with reasons

Supporting your opinion with evidence
-Review the explanation of an opinion and call on one student to sum up the explanation given the previous day.

-Show the PowerPoint presentation with opinion expressed in two ways. Lead them into understanding about effective vs ineffective opinion.

-Guide students in noticing that the qualities of specificity and persuasive word choice make the second opinion stand out. Also point out the vivid word choice.

-Let the students watch a video about the refugee crisis in European countries. Then, Distribute a short article to each group.

-Give students time to write an opinion about the article with two reasons to support their opinion.
-Discuss the answers given by each group. Analyze how effective they are based on the reasons given.
-Use the PowerPoint presentation to make the students learn how to form, write and support a clear and convincing opinion using textual evidence.
-Distribute a copy of an opinion article to the students. Give time to the groups to   discuss what makes the article powerful, vivid, and convincing.

Ascertain the importance of learning how to distinguish opinion and use it in writing.
Periods 5-6

Periods 7-8
Practice Writing Activity

Continual Assessment
(Magazine Article)
Distribute a copy of an article with the latest issue to the students. Let them write a short opinion article about it.  

-Recap the lessons by asking some students to explain the different ways on how to make an effective opinion.

-Students write a magazine article based from the passage given.

Students apply and recall what they have learned.

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