Lesson Plan on Topic Sentences

Grade 9
Duration: 70 minutes

Skill:       Speech
Topic:    Topic Sentences
Online Resources
Hand-outs of sample thesis statement with topic sentences
Pre- requisite:
   Basic Structure of Speech
        By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
         1. explain topic sentences.
         2. realize the importance of topic sentences in speech writing.
         3. write topic sentences from the thesis statements.



KWL Chart

-students reflect on what they know about topic sentences.

- students write what they know about topic sentences and what they want to learn about topic sentences in relation to writing speech.
-make instructional decisions about student’s strengths and needs.

-activate schema and determine flexible grouping pattern.

Topic Sentences
(Online Resources)

Excerpts of the following speeches for Topic Sentence analysis:

John F. Kennedy
(Inauguration Address, January 20, 1961)

William Faulkner
(Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech, December 10, 1950)

General Douglas McArthur
(Duty, Honor, Country, May 12, 1962)
Students are to discuss the following as regard to the topic sentences.

“What’s the difference of thesis statement and topic sentences”

“How does topic sentences help in elaboration of your different points?”

“What’s the importance of clearly stating the main idea of your point without being too wordy or difficult to understand?”

Analyse the difference of thesis statement and topic sentences.

Analyse how to elaborate in a certain point without winding away.

Analyse how to clearly state main idea in simpler manner.

Thinking Skills
Analyse the topic sentences of different speeches.
Ascertain topic sentences

Individual Task
Thinking Question: How does topic sentences help in discussing your different points based on the thesis statement?
Analyse the importance of topic sentences in writing speech.
Individual Task and Homework
Recap of Lesson:
Students will complete the KWL chart completing the part where they need to write what they learned about topic sentences.
Students write topic sentences based from the thesis statement given.

Students can apply and recall what they have learned.


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